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Request Generated 03/31/2015 at 23:50:59 UTC . Weather information available at that time is displayed.



METAR CYZX 312300Z 27010KT 15SM SCT035 BKN077 03/M01 A2963 RMK SC3AC4 WNDY HILL 28010KT SLP033=
METAR CYZX 312200Z 27012KT 15SM BKN060 03/M01 A2960 RMK SC7 WNDY HILL 29012G18KT SLP023=
SPECI CYZX 312128Z 26013G21KT 15SM BKN059 03/M01 A2959 RMK SC7 WNDY HILL 29013G18KT SLP020=
METAR CYZX 312100Z 27014KT 15SM -SHRA BKN064 03/M01 A2957 RMK SC7 WNDY HILL 28011G19KT SLP016=

TAF CYZX 312330Z 0100/0124 27010KT P6SM SCT030 BKN070
BECMG 0101/0103 30005KT FEW030 SCT070
FM011500 31008KT P6SM FEW030
BECMG 0117/0119 31010G20KT
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Weather data provided by Environment Canada and NAV CANADA