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Request Generated 04/24/2019 at 16:01:42 UTC . Weather information available at that time is displayed.


PUVIRNITUQ/QC    (show WxCam)

SPECI CYPX 241539Z AUTO 13018KT 9SM SCT019 BKN250 M08/M11 A3004 RMK SLP177=
SPECI CYPX 241538Z AUTO 13018KT 9SM BKN019 BKN250 M08/M11 A3004 RMK SLP177=
SPECI CYPX 241527Z AUTO 13019KT 9SM -SN OVC019 M08/M11 A3005 RMK SLP179=
METAR CYPX 241500Z AUTO 13017KT 9SM OVC019 M08/M11 A3006 RMK SLP183=
SPECI CYPX 241442Z AUTO 13019KT 9SM BKN019 M09/M11 A3006 RMK SLP184=
SPECI CYPX 241433Z AUTO 13017KT 9SM -SN BKN019 BKN240 M09/M11 A3006 RMK SLP185=
SPECI CYPX 241409Z AUTO 13017KT 9SM -SN SCT019 BKN240 M09/M12 A3007 RMK SLP187=
METAR CYPX 241400Z AUTO 13017KT 9SM -SN BKN019 M09/M12 A3008 RMK SLP189=
SPECI CYPX 241342Z AUTO 13016KT 9SM -SN OVC019 M10/M12 A3008 RMK SLP192=
SPECI CYPX 241330Z AUTO 13015KT 9SM OVC019 M10/M12 A3009 RMK SLP195=
SPECI CYPX 241319Z AUTO 13014KT 9SM -SN OVC019 M10/M13 A3010 RMK SLP196=
METAR CYPX 241300Z AUTO 12014KT 9SM OVC017 M11/M13 A3010 RMK SLP197=

TAF CYPX 241144Z 2412/2424 13015G25KT P6SM SCT020 SCT250 TEMPO
2412/2424 4SM IC BLSN
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Weather data provided by Environment Canada and NAV CANADA