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Forecasts and Observations
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Alphanumeric Data
AIRMET / SIGMET bulletins Upper Winds (text, FD) METAR / TAF bulletins NOTAM bulletins Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC)
Volcanic Ash Information PIREP bulletins Live RVR - IIDS Web view - NAV CANADA This product is issued for the summer season only (daylight savings time) AIP Supplements
Graphical Weather Products
Flight Conditions Significant Weather Prognosis - FL100 to FL240 Upper Air Analysis Graphical Area Forecast (GFA) Automated Supplementary Enroute weather Predictions
Aviation Weather Camera Images Significant Weather Prognosis - FL250 to FL630 Canadian Turbulence Forecast Local Graphic Forecast (LGF) - West Coast VFR COMOX (DND) Weather Charts
Upper Winds (Graphical FD) Significant Weather Prognosis - FL250 to FL630 North Atlantic Turbulence - Eastbound Tracks Radar Imagery  
Upper Winds (Graphical FD) Surface Analysis North Atlantic Turbulence - Westbound Tracks Satellite Imagery  
Additional Links
Airport Diagrams U.S. Wx (ADDS) U.S. Wx Cams Sunrise/Sunset Calculator (NRC) Notices and notifications of changes to the air navigation system.

NAV CANADA is not responsible for the ADDS, U.S. Wx Cams & NRC websites.

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