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Forecasts and Observations / NOTAM

  Aerodrome ID (max. 6) e.g.: CYUL CYOW CYYZ
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    All aerodrome NOTAM (local and associated) concerning the aerodrome(s) you entered above.
e.g.: fuel, de-icing; navigation, approach aids; runway, taxiway availability; hazards, blasting, obstruction lights outage, parachuting, airshow, etc. Refer to FLT PN section in CFS or WAS to determine the NOTAM file applicable to the aerodrome(s). More...

    e.g.: Class F or temporary restricted airspace (military exercises, training, soaring, parachuting...), changes to published information, ATS system change trial, volcanic eruptions, PAL frequencies, RCO frequencies and navigation facilities not listed in CFS or WAS. More...

      Arctic radio and International Air Frequencies.

    NOTAM which affect the entire country. More...

    Includes only NOTAM at or up to 25NM maximum from the aerodrome(s) you have entered above. This is not a NOTAM file but only a portion of the NOTAM file the aerodrome lies in. More...
    Note: Under certain conditions being familiar with this section only, before commencing a flight, doesn't meet CAR 602.71 and AIM-RAC 3.3 requirements. Please review all NOTAM files above for complete information.

Disclaimer : Pilots are advised to obtain an interpretative weather briefing and all pertinent NOTAM from Flight Information Centres / Flight Service Stations (FIC/FSS) prior to flying. The user accepts sole responsibility and all risks associated with use of the information on this web site. The user expressly releases NAV CANADA, its employees, agents and assigns from any liability or obligation in respect thereof.
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